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Welcome, this is a Special Selection of my favorite products on Amazon, most of which I have acquired and have all investigated.

In my opinion they are the best in their category and I decided to share this list to avoid hours of searching and comparing products because sometimes we look for a product and there are several similar ones and we don't know which one to buy.

For example: There are several 360º cameras but for me the “insta 360 One X” is the best, in fact I am about to acquire it shortly and I did an exhaustive investigation (of several hours) of which was the best 360 camera on the market and that It was my choice, because that time is what I want to save you (and so with the other products), of course, everyone has the last word but my intention is to facilitate the decision.

Receive a warm greeting.

Your NordicTrack T 6. 5 Si Treadmill stands the test of time with innovative design elements and expert engineering. Use your treadmill to go farther than you ever have before when you add NordicTrack Interactive personal coaching experience with I FIT. Get heart-pounding studio workouts and trainer-guided workouts around the globe so you can run the steps of Machu Picchu in the morning and the beaches of Hawaii in the afternoon. Always have confidence in the lasting power of your machine with lifetime frame and motor coverage.

For these times we have to be at home, it is an excellent way to exercise walking or running through various scenarios on your 10" screen and with a personal trainer. Impressive interactive Fitness.

  • Lithium-ion battery lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime and recharges with USB power supplies
  • The built-in microphone allows you to use it as a hands-free speaker or access digital assistants, such as Siri or Google Now
  • Works with Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth devices to play music services such as Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify and others, or the music stored in your personal library.
  • Bose's innovative technology includes rich sound in a small waterproof speaker.
  • It is strong, with a soft silicone exterior that makes it easy to take and carry.
  • Voice prompts guide you through Bluetooth pairing to make it easier than ever or you can even quickly pair it with NFC devices.

For me who have had most of the Bose speakers, this model is the one that makes me the best in relation to Quality / Price, because although it is small in size the sound is incredible and with the quality that Bose has accustomed us, now in This upgraded model II waterproof and WiFi is even better.This speaker will work perfectly for small or medium meetings, especially if it is indoors, as well as to have it as a companion in the office next to the computer or at home, being a pleasure to hear the quality that this small sound giant offers us. Highly recommended.

Includes everything you need: the Insta360 One X camera + Insta360 One X Bullet Time Tripod handle + invisible selfie stick.Everything you need to record 360-degree videos, photos, and bullet time shots is included in this all-in-one package.

Insta360 One X: The One X shoots in all directions at once, capturing life in stunning 5.7K 360 degree video resolution and 18MP 360 degree photos.

FlowState stabilization lets you capture incredibly smooth video, no matter what you're doing.FlowState outperforms all major smartphone stabilizers.And since it doesn't require any accessories, you can use it anywhere without complications.

What can I tell you, this is simply the best 360º camera that currently exists and impressive photos and videos can be achieved that allow us to remember places by looking everywhere as if we were there again.Both in still shots and in action camera shots.Totally recommendable.In the attached video you can see a lot of impressive shots that can be done with the insta360 One X.

Conquer the sky and discover new horizons with the new DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone, the smallest and lightest folding gear to fly like a pro.Includes the complete combo to get you started, it comes with 1 easy-to-operate remote control, a 360° propeller guard, a lighted Charging Dock, and a propeller holder.

The time has come to go flying and what better than in this small but powerful Dji drone capable of "flying" above the legislation, since thanks to its lightness we can use it in areas with buildings and people since it has the particularity of Weigh 249 grams ONE gram lighter than what the legislation establishes (very far from the 2,935 grams that my Dji Inspire 1 weighs).Thus, the Mavic Mini is part of the recreational drones that we can fly at a maximum of 120 meters high in general and up to 20 meters in areas with people and buildings thanks to its weight.Of course, as long as we are outside controlled airspace.Sure, with the quality and special features of Dji drones.Highly Recommended, but buy the Fly More Combo, it is worth the whole package that includes 3 batteries.

• Great Activity Monitor you can link with your Smartphone and at an excellent priceSports Functions: 6 training modes

• AMOLED color display, 6-axis sensor

• Swimming functions, submersible up to 50m.

• 24-hour heart rate monitoring

• Caller ID, notifications of the apps you choose.

•Monitoring time and sleep quality

•Music control from your phone.Up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge.

• Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0

• True Wireless technology, as in Airdots Pro, for a super fast connection.

• Charger case with microusb input and 300mAh battery, your hearing aids charge while stored in their case.

• Up to 4 hours of continuous use, with a 40mAh battery.

• Very light and small, weighing 4g.

You can connect almost any device to your computer.

10-in-1 USB-C hub.

It is an ideal solution for laptops and other devices with a USB-C port.

Compatible with all new MacBook / MacBook Pro 2018 15 '' / 2016/2017 and iMac 2020, Google Chromebook Pixel;Lenovo Yoga 900/910;HP Specter X360 / Dell XPS, HuaWei MateBook, Samsung Galaxy S8 and other devices equipped with USB-C port.

The Lamicall Advantage: Gently adjusts at any angle, giving you plenty of room to position the device to your liking.It is ideal and elegant for tables, desks in your home or office.

Stable and Protective Rubber: Designed with a low center of gravity in high-quality silver aluminum alloy material, extended hooks wide enough to hold your Tablet or Smartphone securely, and rubberized bearings protect the base from scrapes and slips.

Multi-app: Fits well on 5-11 inch devices such as Pad Pro, Pad Air, Surface Pro, Samsung Tablet etc.It also works very well with any Smartphone.

Excellent camera with Powerful 83x Zoom, special for Moon photos, Astrophotography, Bird Watching and general use at an excellent price.

These photos I took with the P900, I was surprised by the quality of the photographs I took and mainly that I have been able to take the Orion Nebula, Jupiter, Saturn and the Pleiades.

The Cayer BV30L Professional Tripod System includes the BV30L Aluminum Tripod and K3a Liquid Head with Carry Bag.Capable of supporting up to 13.2 lbs., The BV30L provides a professional tripod system solution.

Very good price and you can see immediately the quality in the weight, the materials and that Fluid Head is excellent compared to the "ratchet" type heads of the cheap tripods.

  • Raynox DCR-250 lens includes a universal snap-on mount.
  • Suitable for filters from 2,047 in to 2,638 in.
  • The Super Macro DCR-250 lens achieves maximum macro magnification power when set to the most telephoto position of the zoom lens.
  • Lens Cleaner: A simple lens cleaning system removes fingerprints, dust and other debris that can compromise your image.
  • Package includes: 1 Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro + 1 lens cleaner + 1 microfiber cloth.

I took those photos with this lens on a Nikon Coolpix P520 and it also fits the P900.

Excellent option to start your Smart Home, with these WiFi smart bulbs you can control the lights in your home from your Smartphone or by voice with your virtual assistant such as the HomePod with Siri.You can turn the lights on and off, control their intensity and the color of the light.For example: "Hey Siri, turn on the office light" or."Hey Siri, put the light in the children's room blue and with 20% intensity", you can even program schedules to turn on and off the lights in the house.

Excellent 5 TB External Hard Drive that only requires the USB connection, I have one on the Mac and one on the PC and they have worked perfectly for me.

This is the updated model of the disc.

Excellent Xiaomi Smartphone with 128 GB + 6 GB of RAM - Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor up to 2.2 GHz - Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery - Supports 2.4 G Wi-Fi / 5G Wi-Fi - Supports dual SIM VoLTE HD calls Back camera: 48 MP ultra high resolution wide camera + 8 MP telephoto camera + 13 MP, ultra 124.8 ° wide angle camera - Front camera: 20 MP selfie pop-up camera - Video: 4K recording, 960 fps slow motion video

Fast Charger, Twice as Fast: The 20,000 mAh fast charge portable charger adopts the charging + technology which can save 50% recharging time, 2 times faster than a normal portable charger. Your iPhone can be charged from dead to full in around 1 hour and even less. Compatible with PD (Power Delivery), QC3.0 and 2.0, Samsung FAST, Huawei FCP, the output voltage can reach 12V 3A to 18W and identify your device to offer the fastest charge possible.

Very good alternative No Break to APCs that cost almost double the price, perfectly fulfills its function of protecting your equipment.

This electric handheld battery-operated milk frother with high speed rotation of the stainless-steel whisk and BPA free shaft, is perfect for creating delicate foam to make lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more in your kitchen.

It is easy to use and clean, with simple one-touch switch and 2 AA batteries included, you can just put it into a container with milk up to approx. 1/3 to make foam.

After finishing frothing, you just need to put it into fresh running water with the whisk moving to clean it. It is small and high-quality, suitable for household and travel. Best choice for you, easy use, easy life!

It is so practical that I use it daily to beat the coffee cups and in a few seconds it mixes the coffee preparation with cream generating a delicious foam and it is very easy to wash, you just put it under the stream of water, you actuate it and in seconds it is washed, you take it out of the water, you actuate it for another few seconds and it is dry and ready to be used again. The batteries have good life, I recommend using rechargeable batteries. It is really cheap and it is also on sale, click on the link to be surprised with its attractive price.

The AMICCOM outdoor security camera works with the intelligent PIR motion sensor can track everything with a temperature to prevent thieves or any other animal.Send motion alerts in real time to your smartphone.To avoid too frequent alarms and reduce false alarms, you can manually adjust the time and area of the motion detection alarm and customize the alarm sound.

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